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Some people look at flowers as just another ubiquitous presence in gardens and parks all over the world. Others who are more respectful and curious point out that flowers have played an important part in world history.

Take the tulip mania that was rampant in Holland from 1634 to 1637 in the 17th century. If you want the best flowers in the UK home delivered at your doorstep, just go to the Bunches website and use the Bunches Discount Code to get the flowers of your choice at a discounted price.

Flowers Say It All

Flowers, like music, have a language of their own. They cannot speak in words, but nevertheless they have a silent but undoubtable power that is visible and that is reflected in the eyes and smile of the recipient.

Quite possibly, the gift of flowers evokes feelings of joy, love and caring for the one who is getting them. It can repair broken relationships, create new alliances and make one the talk of the town.

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Giving and getting flowers are not just part of a romantic relationship. Flowers form part of both private and public events and even award ceremonies, where they are intertwined in the process of honoring and welcoming the guest of honor to the occasion.

Birth of a Tradition

It is difficult to pinpoint where exactly the tradition of giving and getting flowers started in the world.

One possibility is that a local Casanova or Don Juan thought of the idea of presenting flowers to his beloved to win her approval. It could be that the idea occurred to him on a whim while passing a garden and acting on it, he presented the flowers to her just to see the reaction.

The result we daresay was highly positive, rather it was mind-blowing. The next thing is that he tells his friends and they too try it out.

Ultimately it not only became a tradition in that part of the world, but also in time spread to other nations. In fact it is now an established global tradition that flowers are part of romantic rites, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other such occasions- no matter where you live. Flowers are here to stay.

In fact, we might say that flowers are kind of Nature’s calling card that are exchanged at anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and other such joyous occasions. They brighten up and invigorate such events whenever they are presented or exchanged.

On a more somber note, flowers like orchids and chrysanthemums are also given at funerals to express a feeling of grief and to convey one’s condolences. So there you are- flowers touch nearly every aspect of our lives.

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