Television boosts self-motivation and inspires people to work hard to maintain their fitness goals. Watching TV while exercising on your treadmill, you will be inspired to maintain your fitness goal but what is better than to have a built-in TV screen on your treadmill which is also cheaper than other forms of TV or LCDs.  This is a good option in the economic situation of today’s world to have a Treadmill with a Screen.  Users can do their work out and enjoy their favorite shows on the screen, which would be entertainment for them. 

Users just need to get a remote to control the TV screen with your treadmill, for smooth functioning. The manual change of buttons can make you irritated during the workout.  If you are looking to have a best treadmill with TV screen, remember the brand NordicTrack 2950 model, which has all the entertainment for you during your workouts.  A brief description of NordicTrack 2950 is described below.

iFit Treadmill's Giant OLED Screen Lets You Run Anywhere | Tom's Guide


The NordicTrack 2950 has a much larger screen of 22 inches and a much stronger frame. For a super widescreen-like home-cine experience, this is the perfect match for you.  Besides the widescreen, the machine is quiet in noise and smooth and can be used for heavy-duty purposes like high-speed running.  It is the best treadmill for under three grand.  

The cost of the machine is a little over $ 2500, but the features of the NordicTrack 2950 are worth buying it.   Users can stream on-demand workouts with a trainer and can control their device decline, incline, and speed in real-time. 

Frequently Asked Questions: Commercial 2950 Treadmill | NordicTrack Blog

The machine has an adjustable console that is controlled within arm’s reach and in a perfect position.  It is foldable and easy to lower and raise the deck as the hydraulic arm carries a lot of weight. The deck of the machine is secure when it is fully folded. 

The machine has a powerful 4.25 motor which is larger than most of the treadmills available within the same price as iFit members for the first year.  The iFit live support makes your exercise more fun and closer to your goals.  Users can create their program set up automatic workout uploads and manage their profile online. The machine has also a tablet holder and can reach up to a speed of 12 MPH.  It has a heavy-duty frame besides an ultra-widescreen. 

The exciting new options will make your workouts even more comfortable. The ability to adjust the height of the handlebar console with the push of a button. Users can change the viewing angle with the help of an adjustable tablet holder.   The strong deck ensures quiet footsteps while running. 

The Nordic 2950 allows its users to choose more than 40 programs designed by certified trainers.  Each program will automatically adjust your treadmill incline which could speed to help you in meeting your fitness goals.  You can quickly and easily select a program a start your work out with the help of a built-in navigation system. 

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