My Experience with Little Spoon during the Pandemic

A baby is a bundle of joy that brightens up every household. However, one has to be greatly careful and vigilant at every stage, because babies are delicate and growing too.

Their needs are constantly changing and many a parent can be at a loss as to how to deal with a particular situation.

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The Pandemic was a Universal Problem

They say that God or the forces of nature test humankind once even 100 years or so. Last time it was the Spanish Flu epidemic that lasted for just over 3 years from 1917-1920 or thereabouts.

 It eventually spread across the world and caused havoc in different countries. They say it spread from a pig farm in Kansas, and it was the soldiers that were fighting the First World War that carried it to the battlefield.

The Covid-19 Pandemic- A Similar Phenomenon

The world witnessed a similar time since October-November 2019. Some say it started in China in a meat market that was overrun by exotic animals and unhygienic conditions.

Early theories blamed the bat and the pangolin- a shy animal that is pursued for its seemingly good powers for providing health and wellness. Another less plausible theory was that it was deliberately created and spread from a laboratory. Both China and the USA traded blows on that.

My Personal Experiences

Anyway, one thing was for sure that the virus was here and it was there to stay. Some cities were inundated by particularly virulent and stubborn strains of the virus and others received less virulent strains. This was quite the reality in New York where I live.

Humankind did what it knew best- to retreat into the household, shun social mingling and practicing the basics of hygiene- such as washing hands thoroughly, using hand sanitizers, social distancing, no handshakes or hugs requiring close human contact.

Looking After the Baby

Of course, all parents of babies, toddlers and young kids have invariably faced the problem of how to manage these age groups who obviously could not look after themselves.

The world was going crazy anyway. Besides, there was also a paranoia regarding visits to hospitals and clinics since it could possibly expose young and old to the virus. And then came the mutations like Alpha, Beta, Omicron and what not. 

Little Spoon Offers a Solution

One thing I have been thankful for all through the epidemic and even in the present aftermath is that Little Spoon children’s foods and meal plans are both nutritious and healthy and can be ordered online and delivered at your doorstep without any hassle.

All these advantages are simply outstanding. It’s also the main reason why I continue to shop with this kiddie food provider. It has certainly made life less complicated for me.           

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