Vitamix E310 vs Vitamix 5200 – Perfect Comparison

The Vitamix offers the wide range of blenders for the customers which they can purchase at an affordable price. These blenders are capable of doing multiple features and functions which no other blender can. There are many blenders available on the store because of which any customer can get confuse on making decision of purchase. Almost every blender at the store is industrial quality and are good for home use and for small restaurants. These blenders are capable of blending frozen fruits, vegetables, ice, seeds, spices, and many other stubborn ingredients.

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Vitamix E310

Vitamix E310 was one of the best blender you can get from Vitamix. The blender falls into the explorian series of the company. In this article, we will give you the all the required information about the blender so that you can easily make your decision before purchasing it.


The Vitamix E310 will cost you around USD $349. This price completely worthy of the features this blende rhas to offer.


The Vitamix E310 has the 4 inches diameter blades equipped with hammer mill technology. These blades are powerful and sharp enough to crush and pulverize almost every ingredients you throw on them.


The Vitamix E310 has the 2 horsepower motor that runs on the current of 1380 watts. This motor generates enough force for the blades to crush and pulverize almost anything.


The Vitamix E310 has the 48-ounce container which has a short and wide shape. This container is made up of BPA plastic free material which ensures no toxicity in your recipes and juices.

Variable Speed Controls

The Vitamix E310 has the 10-variable speed controls. You can adjust the speed of the blending by simply rotating a dialer on the motor base. Moreover, you can change the speed without stopping the blending.

Pulse Feature

The Vitamix E310 is loaded up with the pulse feature. This feature allows you to get your desired texture of each and every recipe manually.

Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200 blender is another industrial grade blender from the Vitamix. This blender falls into the Classic category of the brand. The blender is suitable for household use and can be used in small cafes and restaurants.


The Vitamix 5200 will cost your USD 499. This is slightly expensive than the Vitamix E310 but the features it has to offer are worthy of this price. However, when compare to Vitamix E310, the blender has almost the same functions as the Vitamix E310 and you should probably go for the VE310.


The blades Vitamix 5200 has are 4 inches in diameter and are equipped with hammer mill technology. These blades are especially design for constant blending every time you use it.


This Vitamix 5200 also has the 2 horsepower motor. This motor can generate enough force for the blades so that they can easily crush and blend every ingredient you throw on them. This motor also has the radial cooling fan to cool down the motor during the blending process.


The Vitamix 5200 has the 64-ounce container which is slightly bigger than the Vitamix E310’s container. The container has a tall and sleek design which allows constant blending.

Speed Controls

The Vitamix 5200 also has the 10 variable speed controls which you can adjust by simply rotating the dialer on the motor base.

Pulse Feature

Like the Vitamix E310, the Vitamix 5200 also has the pulse feature which is best to make purees, hearted soups, and other recipes.

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